04 Jul 2019

Cliff Notes
It’s everything you ever dreamt of, until it’s not


It doesn’t go away. None of it does. No matter how kind or forgiving you are, the stains of the ‘bad times’ stay on like fountain pen ink on white fabric, refusing to budge. All they need is some mild reoccurrence to go full-on #ThrowbackThursday

* * *

Am I a bad …

24 Aug 2016

Quick poster I'd probably regret later


Quick, dirty, and thrown together in a couple of minutes. NOT aimed at anyone or any gender, okay? 😜

Brain vector by Clockwise, via Noun Project.

20 Jul 2016

On Unrequited Love

Boy oh boy, this is something I deal with quite often. I rarely have problems with people in my life, because I've learned to respect boundaries and not get involved in other people's shit. But I hopelessly fail sometimes at keeping myself detached from people, and it leads to endless …

18 Jul 2016

Where The Lovers Have No Name

Camouflaged Love by Prasad Aluthwattha

Camouflaged Love by Prasad Aluthwattha

Nothing I write can do justice to the artwork above.

This probably pisses off so many radicals on all sides of Sri Lankan society, with their (very similar) views on sexuality and propriety. "Hoo!", I say to them, "Hoo!". Roll your morals and your bigotry …

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