08 Jun 2019

The future wasn’t supposed to be this way

Romeo was a Montegue, the powerful ruling clan. Juliet was a Capulet, a member of a minority (and yet, a privileged minority in many ways).

Romeo adored Juliet. They had rarely spoken, but he was an ardent follower of her work since his teens. He was very much smitten, amazed …

25 May 2017

Links: May 25

Media coverage of ISIS tends to veer from the utilitarian (covering attacks and the daily body-counts of ongoing operations against them) to the absurd, like the story of how a "smart but naive" FBI translator fell in love with a German rapper turned ISIS leader she was supposed to be …

04 May 2017


හිස්‌ අහසේ සරණ විහඟෙක්‌ සේ

භික්‍ෂුව බහු භාණ්‌ඩික නොවිය යුතුයි. යම් දිසාවකට යන කල්හි පාසිවුරු, ඇතිරිලි, තෙල්, සකුරු ආදී බොහෝ උපකරණ පොදි බැද ම …

19 Sep 2016

Somawathiya, September 2016


Shot in the early morning light.

16 Aug 2016

Thoughts on the "Silent Vigil"

There's been some "anti-racist" vigil out of nowhere and there was, as usual, a confrontation with one of the "ultra-nationalist" orgs. Without writing any further about any of this, I will defer to the wisdom of the crowds:

Vigil Comments

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