Links: March 06
Mon 06 March 2017

Patrio Posts about links are the last refuge of a scoundrel.

Before we get underway, a status update:

The number of lines of code I've written in the last 26 days (since I stopped going to work) is 0, not counting some late night shenanigans where I thought typing some …

The UNP at 70
Sun 11 September 2016

The Elephant

The United National Party turned 70 this week. I thought I'd take a look at their electoral record, for funsies.

The data for this (short) analysis was sourced from Wikipedia. That data was in turn sourced from Department of Elections PDF files. I didn't cross-check the numbers because this is …

Links: Machine Learning
Thu 25 August 2016

I'm changing the format of the links posts to topic-based posts which I will add to over time. Seems like a better way to organize than basing them on dates.

August 2016

An exclusive inside look at how artificial intelligence and machine learning work at Apple

A fascinating look at …

Pairplots FTW! Links: August 15
Mon 15 August 2016

Instalment 2 of the "sharing links" thingy. Shorter too.

On Software:

I recently subscribed to the Dataquest newsletter, and today got this post emailed to me:

Python vs R: head to head data analysis

Make pairwise scatterplots: One common way to explore a dataset is to see how different columns …

Links: August 14
Sun 14 August 2016

I promised previously to use this space for link sharing as well, so here goes the first instalment.

On Software:

Gender disparity in computer science is an often discussed topic, and the following is one of my favourite graphs on the topic:

Women in CompSci

This week, I read about another study that …

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