20 Dec 2020

On Intolerance (of Intolerance)

I’m sure everyone at this point has read about the paradox of tolerance. It’s a pretty common sense argument and there are many historial examples that are often held up, one of the most popular being the rise of the Nazi party in the liberal democracy of the …

31 Oct 2020

On Foundation
Was Issac Asimov Hari Seldon?

I finished Isaac Asimov's seminal work, the first book of the Foundation trilogy, yesterday. This is my short review that I added on Goodreads:

I think it's a bit harsh to rate this book using modern standards when it was written in the 1940s. Yes, it's not as fast paced …

09 Oct 2020

Clearing The Slate

I like blank slates, and I like closure.

My JIRA board at work has a bunch of stubborn tickets that won't go away. This seems to mirror life in general, in that the peace that I seek, of finally finishing what I've been working on, seems to be drifting further …

25 Jul 2020

Falling in Love

you fall in love

over a phone call

in the backseat of the cinema

reading whatsapps at 1 am

at a candle lit dinner

or when you're the first to hear about their day


you fall in love

every time you work out

or take a good shower

sit down …

15 May 2020

Cheng Xin

Cheng Xin

Cheng Xin in space

I recently finished the last book in Liu Cixin's masterpiece trilogy, and created this little piece in Krita.

Cheng Xin's name translates to sincerity. This single character gets so much flak from fans of the trilogy, and gets hated far more than even genuine villains. But …

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