Tue 28 March 2017

There was a really interesting YC blog post titled "Ask a Female Engineer: How Can Managers Help Retain Technical Women on Their Team?", which asks a panel of female technical employees on reasons they left jobs or in some cases even change their career paths.

I believe it has some …

අභය ලිබ්රේ වලට මාරු වීම
Sat 15 October 2016

Abhaya Libre

දැං මේ බ්ලොග් එකේ අන්තර්ගතයට (සිංහල හා ලතින් අකුරු සඳහා) සම්පූර්ණයෙන්ම යොදාගන්නෙ අභය ලිබ්රේ අකුරු මුහුණතයි. ප්‍රවීන අකුරු මෝස්තර නිර්මාණ ශිල …

Somawathiya, September 2016
Mon 19 September 2016


Shot in the early morning light.

The UNP at 70
Sun 11 September 2016

The Elephant

The United National Party turned 70 this week. I thought I'd take a look at their electoral record, for funsies.

The data for this (short) analysis was sourced from Wikipedia. That data was in turn sourced from Department of Elections PDF files. I didn't cross-check the numbers because this is …

Thoughts On Free Education
Sat 03 September 2016

6 Percenters

Disclaimer: I did my undergraduate studies at a private fee-levying university in Sri Lanka.

The above disclaimer reflects my natural sympathies in this fight. It was easy to support the private university cause, simply because:

  1. Not everyone can get into state universities (in the academic year 2013, only 16.5 …

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