31 Dec 2019

On Liberalism in the 2010s
Kids, we need to talk

Labour Poster

Yes, but can Liberals batter down doors anymore?

Last night, dealing with a bought of insomnia, I read this important take on BoJo (not to be confused with BoJack) and the conservative wave sweeping across not just the UK but most of the world. While there might be a few …

08 Jun 2019

The future wasn’t supposed to be this way

Romeo was a Montegue, the powerful ruling clan. Juliet was a Capulet, a member of a minority (and yet, a privileged minority in many ways).

Romeo adored Juliet. They had rarely spoken, but he was an ardent follower of her work since his teens. He was very much smitten, amazed …

25 May 2017

සමාජ ජාල ඇත්තටම අවුල්ද?

අද ෆේස්බුක් ගිනුමක් නැතිකෙනෙක් බෙහෙතකටවත් හොයාගන්න අමාරුයි. මේ බ්ලොග් එක කියවන ඔය ඇත්තොනම් ඊටත් එහා ගිය නානාප්‍රකාර සමාජ ජාල ගොඩක ඉන …

28 Mar 2017


There was a really interesting YC blog post titled "Ask a Female Engineer: How Can Managers Help Retain Technical Women on Their Team?", which asks a panel of female technical employees on reasons they left jobs or in some cases even change their career paths.

I believe it has some …

19 Mar 2017

Animal Crackers

Animal Crackers by Richard de Zoysa

Thimal is making me read Richard de Zoysa's work.

Back when the dictator in chief cared about what was written in English about the government, and dissent was treated with abduction, torture and a gunshot to the back of the head (if you were lucky), de Zoysa stood for …

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