Links: Machine Learning
Thu 25 August 2016

I'm changing the format of the links posts to topic-based posts which I will add to over time. Seems like a better way to organize than basing them on dates.

August 2016

An exclusive inside look at how artificial intelligence and machine learning work at Apple

A fascinating look at …

Links: August 14
Sun 14 August 2016

I promised previously to use this space for link sharing as well, so here goes the first instalment.

On Software:

Gender disparity in computer science is an often discussed topic, and the following is one of my favourite graphs on the topic:

Women in CompSci

This week, I read about another study that …

The month of Augustus
Sun 31 July 2016

It begins tomorrow, and I'm really excited because I've been FUP'd by SLT for the last few days. It's been painful going, as vnstat attests:

         day         rx      |     tx      |    total    |   avg. rate
     07/22/2016   410.55 MiB |   54.48 MiB |  465.03 MiB |   44.09 kbit/s
     07/23/2016 …

July is the month of buses, and 2016 is the year of JS
Fri 22 July 2016

Yesterday, there I was, minding my own business, when Facebook "memories" or whatever threw this curveball at me:

Bus Route Anniversary

Turns out it was exactly 5 years ago that I hacked together a small piece of PHP, with a liberal amount of SQL logic thrown in, and it became sort of popular …

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