18 Jul 2021

On Bunny Girl Senpai
This is not a review. *stomps on foot*

This weekend, I did something I had never done before: binge an entire 13-episode anime AND its movie. I usually like to consume media at a much slower pace and sit with what I’ve just watched in an episode, but two things colluded in this case to make me …

16 Jul 2021

An Update

I am alive and... well? I don’t know much about quantifying wellness— but in the age of a pandemic—I feel lucky to be healthy. There hasn’t been much activity in this blog, not just because I have been busy (work really took over life in quarantine), but …

28 Jan 2021

Better Halved


I wonder if I am

A shard of glass

Safely disposed

Away from any exposed flesh

A burning ember separated

From dry cotton

It wishes it gets to know

A little too intimately

For a fleeting second

A malignant tumour

Discovered early

Before it could cut short

A mother's …

31 Dec 2020

Pizza Dough: What I've Learned
Doughs it matter?

Watching the Adam Ragusea New York-style pizza dough recipe inspired me to make pizza at home, something that I never thought I was capable of. Now, about 3 batches of pizza later, I think I’ve got most of the big details sorted out. Credit also to Andrew Rea for …

09 Oct 2020

Clearing The Slate

I like blank slates, and I like closure.

My JIRA board at work has a bunch of stubborn tickets that won't go away. This seems to mirror life in general, in that the peace that I seek, of finally finishing what I've been working on, seems to be drifting further …

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