Links: March 06
Mon 06 March 2017

Patrio Posts about links are the last refuge of a scoundrel.

Before we get underway, a status update:

The number of lines of code I've written in the last 26 days (since I stopped going to work) is 0, not counting some late night shenanigans where I thought typing some …

Thu 23 February 2017

"What happened, BoJack?"

"Same thing that always happens. You didn't know me, then you fell in love with me, and now you know me."

Sat 15 October 2016

Well, I expected this deluge of werk werk werk to sweep me off my feet, but it has been pretty thoroughly overwhelming to get back in the saddle. In the last two weeks I have encountered highs and lows that staying at home comfortably cushioned me from for weeks, got …

Some Quick Thoughts: The Mind
Tue 09 August 2016

The mind is a fascinating thing that is little understood and often ignored.

We believe we have mastered it like we've mastered walking, or playing an instrument, or typing, or speech. But it is fundamentally uncontrollable and has a "mind of its own". Har har.

Making the fundamental error of …

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