14 Dec 2019

A Simple Version Checker In Go
Go Local Sports Team!

Version Check Output

My current work requires keeping track of more than a dozen live websites and making sure that their versions are kept up to date. We have employed a small Go program to make this possible, which enable us to scrape the generator meta tags on the websites and thereby get …

21 Sep 2019

A basic terrain generator in Go (Part 4)
Cliffs of Dover

In the last part, we added fancy output code, and our output looks like this now:

Output with colours

...which, if you've ever seen a map, isn't what terrain actually looks like. The terrain around peaks tend to be at a similar height, and there is rarely the random patchwork of heights we …

19 Sep 2019

A basic terrain generator in Go (Part 3)
Take a look at me now

In the last part, we refactored the code and added CLI flags. The output right now looks like this:

Compile and Output After Flags

It doesn't really give us a sense of what the terrain looks like, though. Let's change that.


Unicode has some nice characters that can help us here. The ones we're …

18 Sep 2019

A basic terrain generator in Go (Part 2)
But first, we gotta clean up this mess

In the last part, we explored how to set up what was basically a matrix and randomly assign elevation values to it. In this part, I wanted to explore how to deal with assigning values to the elements adjacent to the peaks, and how to display the map to users …

17 Sep 2019

A basic terrain generator in Go (Part 1)
Ain't no mountain high enough

I haven't gushed about Go much on this blog1, but I thought of writing a small series of posts on a little piece of code I cooked up while I was supposed to be doing other, more important things2.


So I was sitting there, zoning out and …

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