09 Jan 2022

Some 2021 Stats
The pandemic that decided to stay over

2021 was supposed to be the year that the vaccine was introduced to all and COVID deaths would (mostly) be a thing of the past. Instead, Delta happened and Sri Lanka (and the world) saw the situation worsen drastically. We lost many invaluable lives to the virus.

Here are some …

09 Dec 2021

Remove shadows and uneven lighting from photographs of writing on paper

This is mostly a note to self. You know how you often have photographs of notes or forms that you need to print out, and there's a shadow or uneven lighting across the image which makes the print look bad?

Initial image

These are the steps I take to make something like …

20 Jul 2021

useMemo vs useEffect and useState

Since the advent of React Hooks, there have been a few hook-related anti-patterns that have popped up. To be fair, these existed before hooks as well, but in different forms. The use of derived state is one of the most pervasive of these. As the React blog pointed out way …

18 Jul 2021

On Bunny Girl Senpai
This is not a review. *stomps on foot*

This weekend, I did something I had never done before: binge an entire 13-episode anime AND its movie. I usually like to consume media at a much slower pace and sit with what I’ve just watched in an episode, but two things colluded in this case to make me …

16 Jul 2021

An Update

I am alive and... well? I don’t know much about quantifying wellness— but in the age of a pandemic—I feel lucky to be healthy. There hasn’t been much activity in this blog, not just because I have been busy (work really took over life in quarantine), but …

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