15 Mar 2021

On the making of "Paramitha"
Where the "making of" is longer than what it's about

One week ago, on 7 March, I released my animated short Paramitha. I stared working on it in early February and just as I expected it took ~4 weeks of work to finish. I used Krita for the drawing and frame-by-frame animations, and Synfig Studio for things like parallax.

The …

01 Jan 2021

Some 2020 Stats
Flattening the curve

There no getting around the fact that 2020 was defined by the pandemic. With that in mind, some personal stats:


In 2018, I took 556 bus rides. In 2019, I took 265.

In 2020, I took 15. Not a typo. 14 rides in January and a solitary ride in …

31 Dec 2020

Pizza Dough: What I've Learned
Doughs it matter?

Watching the Adam Ragusea New York-style pizza dough recipe inspired me to make pizza at home, something that I never thought I was capable of. Now, about 3 batches of pizza later, I think I’ve got most of the big details sorted out. Credit also to Andrew Rea for …

20 Dec 2020

On Intolerance (of Intolerance)

I’m sure everyone at this point has read about the paradox of tolerance. It’s a pretty common sense argument and there are many historial examples that are often held up, one of the most popular being the rise of the Nazi party in the liberal democracy of the …

31 Oct 2020

On Foundation
Was Issac Asimov Hari Seldon?

I finished Isaac Asimov's seminal work, the first book of the Foundation trilogy, yesterday. This is my short review that I added on Goodreads:

I think it's a bit harsh to rate this book using modern standards when it was written in the 1940s. Yes, it's not as fast paced …

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