Thu 23 February 2017

"What happened, BoJack?"

"Same thing that always happens. You didn't know me, then you fell in love with me, and now you know me."

Sun 19 February 2017

So this is February

And what have you done?

Another year's started

No strategic planning was begun

Is that how the song goes?

I finally left my job of a few months over four years and am currently in the twilight zone (?) or whatever they call it.

I also did …

One Last 2016 Post
Sat 31 December 2016

2016 has been... an interesting year. I've made friends, and I've lost some. I got a lot of time to sit down and reflect, and I grow thankful every day for the people who choose to stand by me despite all my shortcomings.

In the spirit of 2016, let me …

Thu 15 December 2016

විපතෙහි සැපතෙහි

නොසැළෙයි නොතැවෙයි

අටලෝ දම හුරු හෙළයා

Sun 04 December 2016

ලියන්නද දේවල් නැත්තෙ, ලියන්න වචනනම් ගලන්නෙ හැබැයි ඉඩෝරෙට වතුර කැපුවාම කරාමෙන් එන වතුර බින්දු වගේ.

ගියමාසෙ මම ලිව්වෙ design හුට පටයක් ගැන. එව …

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