05 Jul 2020

Tagged Template Literals are Awesome!
Tagged under "better write this down before I forget"

You will often need to implement text that looks like this:

Highlighted Text

Now, it's fairly simple enough to do in HTML, but when you do it in React Native it looks a bit gnarly:

<Text style={styles.text}>
  You’re going to <Text style={styles.highlighted}>send a message</Text> to …
28 Jun 2020

Building Flagitect
just like a wavin flag

Flagitect just hit version 1.2.0, and so this is a brief introduction into the technical aspects of how the app is structured.

Flagitect v1.2.0


The app is written in React Native (currently version 0.62). There is no navigation library in use, as the app only needs some modals …

29 May 2020

Late Night: A Timeline
Or a brief history of how Johnny Carson pretty much stood alone for 30 years

I created this little timeline graphic as a crutch for my non-American self trying to navigate the complex history, culture, and inter-network rivalries of American Late Night TV shows.

Late Night Timeline

There are some shows that should be mentioned but aren’t, because they weren’t on the big three:

  1. The Late …
30 Nov 2019

Going Digital
Time to put my Gaomon face on!

I've been eyeing a graphics tablet for a while now, and on 11.11 there was this gorgeous Gaomon S620 for just $22 (!!!) on AliExpress, an offer I simply couldn't refuse. Well, the tab arrived in the mail today, and I want to share some of my experiments on my …

27 Nov 2019

I've been sketching...

I've been sketching at work...


I've been sketching at home...


I've sketched someone who looks like Jinora...


And someone who looks like me...


Most are terrible...



But some, I'm quite proud of...



Especially this one 👇


I got myself a set of cheap graphite sketching pencils from our lord and saviour …

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