30 Nov 2019

Going Digital
Time to put my Gaomon face on!

I've been eyeing a graphics tablet for a while now, and on 11.11 there was this gorgeous Gaomon S620 for just $22 (!!!) on AliExpress, an offer I simply couldn't refuse. Well, the tab arrived in the mail today, and I want to share some of my experiments on my …

27 Nov 2019

I've been sketching...

I've been sketching at work...


I've been sketching at home...


I've sketched someone who looks like Jinora...


And someone who looks like me...


Most are terrible...



But some, I'm quite proud of...



Especially this one 👇


I got myself a set of cheap graphite sketching pencils from our lord and saviour …

14 Oct 2019

My take on doing 'Clean Architecture' in React (Part 2)
What's your type?

Core Folder Structure

In the last part, we broke the application core out, with layers for entities, usecases, and infrastructure. The example code we used in the last part (without breaking the core out) can be found on Github.

Now let's look at how we can implement the core. I will be using …

06 Oct 2019

My take on doing 'Clean Architecture' in React (Part 1)
Friendship is magic? Wait till you see Dependency Inversion!

Clean Architecture

Clean Architecture, simplified.

I'm a huge fan of Robert C. Martin's work in general, and Clean Architecture in particular. I'm frequently on the lookout for how to apply it to the different system architectures and frameworks we work with.

Which modules should be decoupled? I think the rule is similar …

15 Oct 2016

අභය ලිබ්රේ වලට මාරු වීම

Abhaya Libre

දැං මේ බ්ලොග් එකේ අන්තර්ගතයට (සිංහල හා ලතින් අකුරු සඳහා) සම්පූර්ණයෙන්ම යොදාගන්නෙ අභය ලිබ්රේ අකුරු මුහුණතයි. ප්‍රවීන අකුරු මෝස්තර නිර්මාණ ශිල …

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