Going Digital

Time to put my Gaomon face on!

I've been eyeing a graphics tablet for a while now, and on 11.11 there was this gorgeous Gaomon S620 for just $22 (!!!) on AliExpress, an offer I simply couldn't refuse. Well, the tab arrived in the mail today, and I want to share some of my experiments on my first day of digital art!

First Drawing

Second Drawing

The first few attempts (above) were predictably terrible, but I began realising that my usual sketching and watercolouring techniques weren't the best match for the medium, because digital was something else entirely! As I told Dili, "it's like working with clay, I can mould this shit all day". And that was my lightbulb moment, the fact that I can mould the light and shadows to create shapes.

Digital Drawing

Digital Drawing

It's been a lot of fun, and this next piece took only 45 minutes. Having an undo button, an eraser, and all the brushes in the world1 is definitely expanding the possibilities for my limited artistic ability. It's like giving FL Studio to a kid who wants to write music but can't play an instrument2.

Digital Drawing

Update: After a few more days (actually 3 days, because of travel) of playing with the tablet, I'm happy to share two more #sadppls (as I used to call them). Say hello to Orange Guy and Fail Girl:

Orange Guy

Fail Girl

Update 2: And my proudest moment yet3, our TimTams:


  1. Shout-out to FireAlpaca, the awesome free editor I've been using to draw these. 

  2. AKA me when I was 14! 

  3. Because he's so damn difficult to draw correctly, I swear! 

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