25 Jul 2020

Falling in Love

you fall in love

over a phone call

in the backseat of the cinema

reading whatsapps at 1 am

at a candle lit dinner

or when you're the first to hear about their day


you fall in love

every time you work out

or take a good shower

sit down …

03 Mar 2020

To Exist

Am I doomed

To an existence

Where you

You, you, and you

(Yes, I know you're all the same—

though it took me a while to catch on)

Will be near enough to see

But never to hold?

Always tantalisingly close

But no cigar?

To check up on

After a …

21 Feb 2020

The Rooftop

It was pretty good weather for an otherwise sweltering January, as they lay perched on the rooftop balcony overlooking the suburbs.

"You smoke?", she asked pointing the pack at him. Toying momentarily with the idea of changing his entire personality to fit in (as he often does), he finally resigned …

01 Jan 2020

Some 2019 Stats
The numbers, Mason!

The Blog

I've written 18 blog posts in 2019, which is below the target I set at the start of the year (two blog posts a month, for a total of 24), but it's progress.

Posts per month

In comparison, I wrote only 1 post in 2018. 🙈

Posts per year, 2009 - 2019


I've taken 265 bus rides …

31 Dec 2019

On Liberalism in the 2010s
Kids, we need to talk

Labour Poster

Yes, but can Liberals batter down doors anymore?

Last night, dealing with a bought of insomnia, I read this important take on BoJo (not to be confused with BoJack) and the conservative wave sweeping across not just the UK but most of the world. While there might be a few …

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