She's Wot M8?

Why her though?


Not your type? At all?

And what is my type, again?

Not her


Come on, dude. I've known you since we had other people wash our bums for us. She's so not your type

Well, we're grown-ups now. Shouldn't we look past "types" and all those primitive constructs. I like her for who she is.

Or you like her who who she makes you...


Oh, you know. Saves you from your eternal fear of ending up with a... simpleton


Look, you barely know her. In the past few days, from what I've seen, you've been using that blank canvas to project your hopes and dreams

Dude. Too much truth on a Monday morning.

She's your ticket to legitimacy, the girl who reads, and knows, and speaks well. She's funny, and beautiful, and you know she's going to be on the top of the world one day. The ultimate Manic Pixie Dream Girl for nerds who actually want them to be a bit less dreamy and a bit less manic...

Now I ain't sayin' I'm a gold digger, but I ain't messin' with no...

Look, all I'm saying is that she deserves better than to be blank canvas, or a trophy, no? She deserves to be her own woman, and you need to start seeing any person you'll be with as an equal, not as a stepping stone for your own...

Zip it, Sherlock. I think they've all stopped reading at this point...

Ah, it seems so.

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