09 Jan 2019

A brief history of my ‘work music’
Or rather: a history of what I’ve worked on over the years through the music I was listening to at the time.

2011: Live Forever — Oasis

These were the heady days of youthful exuberance, when any idea seemed like it was worth pursuing — all the world’s problems could be solved with code, y’know? — and the internet was new, exciting, and as yet relatively uncommercialised. I was going through a major …

08 Jun 2018

Some things I wish I knew as a young startup dev

As some of you might know, I started my career as the first developer at a startup, way back in 2012. It was a challenging but rewarding experience, and I got to learn a lot and explore the full breadth of the software stack. The following are some learnings that …

25 Apr 2017

ජීවනෝපාය ජීවනාලිය කරගැනීම

ගොඩදෙනෙක් "රාජකාරිය දේවකාරිය" කරගෙන තියෙනවනෙ. මාත් ඒ වගේ කෙනෙක්. ජීවිතේ මොන මොන කරදර තිබුනත් මාසෙ අන්තිමට පඩිය හරි හම්බවෙනවනෙ කියාගෙන …

28 Mar 2017


There was a really interesting YC blog post titled "Ask a Female Engineer: How Can Managers Help Retain Technical Women on Their Team?", which asks a panel of female technical employees on reasons they left jobs or in some cases even change their career paths.

I believe it has some …

19 Feb 2017


So this is February

And what have you done?

Another year's started

No strategic planning was begun

Is that how the song goes?

I finally left my job of a few months over four years and am currently in the twilight zone (?) or whatever they call it.

I also did …

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