So this is February

And what have you done?

Another year's started

No strategic planning was begun

Is that how the song goes?

I finally left my job of a few months over four years and am currently in the twilight zone (?) or whatever they call it.

I also did something very uncharacteristic and went out and bought myself something, a budget Stratocaster. I don't really play the guitar enough to justify this, and fully blame Rob Chapman and Lee Anderton for making me do it.

The Strat

I think I might going through a full-on midlife crisis.

I've also started binging BoJack Horseman, which has gems like these:

You know, sometimes I feel like I was born with a leak, and any goodness I started with just slowly spilled out of me, and now it's all gone. And I'll never get it back in me. It's too late. Life is a series of closing doors, isn't it?

Not the greatest show to be watching if you're ever in that place where you're not really sure if you're a good person, and nothing new is happening and you feel like you're coasting on that one time you did well (a long long time ago...)

BoJack Horseman

Anywayyy, this wasn't supposed to be that negative (you should've seen the first draft) so we'll wind up here. This means more regular updates on the blog again, hopefully!

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