Links: What I've Been Watching

Here's a small recap of what I've been watching on the ol' YouTube.

Practical Engineering

Grady Hillhouse just has the most calming presence on screen, and he explains complex engineering concepts with simple practical setups. His series’ on concrete, hydraulics, and the power grid are not only information-packed but witty as well.

See Also:

Technology Connections: The old faithful when you want to learn way too much about anything from Christmas lights to VHS tapes.

City Beautiful: The channel that city-design-obsessed teenage me would’ve love to have had growing up. He covers everything from Soviet city design, to Vancouverism.

Scott Manly

This man has single-handedly reignited (like an Agena upper stage) my long-lost passion for rocketry and space exploration. He covers everything from the history of the Soyuz to the latest SpaceX breakthroughs.

See Also:

Copenhagen Suborbitals: If DIY rockets are your thing, check out this private European setup attempting to send a human into orbit!

Johnny Harris

Vox’s Borders might be cancelled, but that won’t stop Johnny from talking about a border dispute between the US and Canada. Or Switzerland’s explosive neutrality. Or just the most amazing international breakfasts.

See Also:

His lovely wife Iz: She makes videos for Eater, and her series on Taiwan was just breathtakingly good.

Rick Beato

The OG music producer YouTuber. Today, he has an amazing interview up with Steve Jordan. His What Makes This Song Great series has got me in trouble in the past because I paid more attention to it than the other people in my life.

See Also:

Adam Neely: His video on The Girl From Impanema is just an instant classic.

12Tone: One of my longest subs. I wake up every Saturday awaiting a breakdown of what makes Uptown Funk so catchy, or why the Yamaha E-Piano tone stand out so much.

Keen on Keys: This is such a great channel that deserves a whole post of its own. Check out the amazing PortaSound PS-3 video, or the one on the HS-200/HS-500, or the Casio MT-40/MT-41 video. Such an amazing musician, and videos with professional-level production quality.

And so, those are my favourite subscriptions at the moment. I find myself watching YouTube more now that I work from home and I upgraded my data plan. This has (predictably) led to less time for longer-form video content, which honestly I am okay with.

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