Links: January Tunes

2020 has been an interesting year musically, so here are some of my favourite music this year.

Theo Katzman

Vulf wunderkind Theo's album, "Modern Johnny Sings: Songs in the Age of Vibe", has been the talk of the town.

Cory Wong

Speaking of Vulf alum, Cory's album "Elevator Music for an Elevated Mood" is also the talk of the town, with bangers such as "Team Sports". There's also this crazy collab with Dave Koz1:

Cory comments on the video:

"Dave, can u sit in a directors chair for this one?"


"Yea they've got a directors chair...can u sit in it"

"Wait, what song?"

"Read this chart, you'll know exactly what to do...i'll take the solo"

"Why aren't you wearing shoes"

"Alright we got the 2200 grit sandpaper out, Koz is in the building..."


It blows my mind how good these session regulars/legends are.

Ryan Lerman/Scary Pockets/Stories/Pomplamoose

Ryan has been putting out a ton of music both from the Scary Pockets channel as well as the new Stories series. There's this amazing Bieber cover featuring Antwaun Stanley:

A cool as fuck 'Kill Bill' inspired collaboration with Larry Goldings (featuring Sam Wilkes on the Fender Whistle):

Plenty of cool featured artists on Stories including Arlissa covering John Mayer, and Nataly Dawn covering MGMT. Nataly has also been recording an album of French language covers, including the following iconic tune:

Reina Del Cid/Josh Turner

Reina did an amazing collab with British singer-songwriter Mary Spender:

Josh collaborated with his SO Kelly Oden, for the cutest video of the new year:

Just aww! :')

And, finally

This doesn't count as a 'tune', but it would be criminal to leave this off the list—Paul Davids and Samurai "Sammy G" Guitarist collab to blow our minds:

  1. A lot of Sri Lankans would know him from "Dave Koz Radio Show" fame. 

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