Well, I expected this deluge of werk werk werk to sweep me off my feet, but it has been pretty thoroughly overwhelming to get back in the saddle. In the last two weeks I have encountered highs and lows that staying at home comfortably cushioned me from for weeks, got food poisoning, and went back to my role as office plumber-in-chief. My god, so much plumbing, and so much more to go.

Mal Working

There's so much (loud) activity in the office that Mal and I had to seek refuge downstairs to get work done.

The traffic has gotten totes ridics now, you can't find a bus with seats at 1930 any more. Or hope to get home within the hour. Total ඔබට සතුටුයිද දැන් situation.

And to top it off I had to go drink a buttermilk and it gave me the shits.

Such is life.

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