Status Update: Mid-August

We are bound by all the rest

Like the same phone number

All the same friends

And the same address

Today, I watched Casey Neistat repair a chair to get over the boredom of jury duty and having nothing productive to do all day. He got a 90 minute lunch break, and he. built. something.

Kinda makes you feel useless when you waste whole days doing nothing.

And yes, I have been wasting days. That was what the whole "loud accusations of betrayal directed at my mind" episode was about.

I've been working on an Electron app on the side though, to get familiar with the thing. I like it so far, very neat and I get to use React and all the rest of it. Will release the code on Github if it ever starts doing what I want it to do.

I'm working on an algorithms presentation for uni and freaking out right now. Progress has been slow and the availability of the internet hasn't been helping:

         day         rx      |     tx      |    total    |   avg. rate
     08/07/2016     2.33 GiB |  165.41 MiB |    2.49 GiB |  241.70 kbit/s
     08/08/2016     1.50 GiB |  155.75 MiB |    1.65 GiB |  159.95 kbit/s
     08/09/2016   691.81 MiB |   76.57 MiB |  768.38 MiB |   72.85 kbit/s
     08/10/2016     1.18 GiB |  117.25 MiB |    1.30 GiB |  125.89 kbit/s
     08/11/2016   763.70 MiB |   82.37 MiB |  846.07 MiB |  101.63 kbit/s

I planned to make short posts on this blog with a bit of a longer submission statement (more than one quote, some thoughts added in) than Facebook whenever I wanted to share a link, but I haven't been using it in such a way. I should start.

Finishing off with a photo I took on the way back from Matara last week, on the expressway. It was shot from a moving car, through a window with a filter on it, and looks terrible in true colour. But grayscale saved it and it has become one of my favourite shots of clouds I've ever taken, and I love taking pictures of clouds.

Clouds on the Expressway

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